At least 42 people have died in the severe weather and floods that hit western Germany, according to a new record, which could grow heavier. Angela Merkel spoke of a “disaster”, from Washington where she is doing the one of her last trips as chancellor.

The district of Euskirchen (North Rhine-Westphalia) is particularly affected with 15 deaths alone, and all the bodies have not yet been found.

Hell in the city of Purgatory, Belgium

The level of the Meuse continues to rise in Liège, in eastern Belgium, and the inhabitants of the neighborhoods bordering the river must leave their homes if possible, warning the local authorities, who evoke “an exceptional crisis situation” . In Purgatory the inhabitants are under water.

In eastern France, there are also floods. Farmers are worried about their production, especially winegrowers. Trains are stationary in the northeast of the country. The circulation on the Rhine is interrupted for a good part as well in Germany, Switzerland and France.

The worst floods in Germany since 2002

The severe bad weather that has just hit Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands is among the deadliest in Europe in the past 20 years. As of May 2014, 77 people had been killed in the Balkans. In August, in 2002 and 2005, torrential rains had killed some 70 people each time.

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