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As a new online survey by Léger and the Association for Canadian Studies suggests, the vast majority of people in Canada blame Trudeau and not his first for the delays in delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The survey, conducted between February 12 and 14, had the participation of 1,535 people.

69% of respondents believe Canada is behind in deliveries due to federal problems getting doses on the world market. Only 14% of those surveyed point to the provincial governments as responsible.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has consistently asserted that anyone who wants a dose of the vaccine will receive it by the end of September, despite recent setbacks in the production of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

Residents remain divided on whether they will be able to get vaccinated before October. 44% trust that they will be able to get vaccinated and 51% believe that it will not be possible.

Canada is well below the top for vaccine doses administered per 100 people, ranking 17th out of 24 countries, far behind Romania and just ahead of China and Russia, according to one list.

Pfizer-BioNTech reduced the number of shipments to Canada by more than two-thirds over four weeks while remodeling a vial production center in Belgium, although shipments have already returned to normal and even increased.

Moderna also ran out of expected doses in Canada in early February and only delivered two-thirds of the doses last Monday, February 22.

Only one in five respondents said the federal government should approve vaccines developed in Russia and China, even if additional delays delay deployment in the country.

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Germany became an unlikely supporter of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine earlier this month when German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she would consider distributing it and providing production sites to speed up the European Union inoculation campaign.

The proportion of respondents who intend to get vaccinated when the vaccine is available to them continues to grow, reaching 73% compared to 63% in mid-October.

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Goal: In recent weeks the deployment of the vaccine at the provincial level has been slow due to a shortage of doses.

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