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Lidl has done it again. If a few days ago THE SPANISH It has already echoed the sale of backpacks priced for back to school, now this German supermarket chain has surprised with a household appliance that summer can solve many people.

It’s about a 50W floor fan of power and four different speeds. In addition, it also has a practical handle incorporated so that it can be moved anywhere in the home. Another factor to take into account is its price: it only costs 19.99 euros.

If Lidl had already stood out this summer for launching products very consistent with these hot months that could be used outdoors (such as the paddle surf board), now it has opted for a solution to the home problems of this time of year. The measurements of this fan are 37,5 x 16,5 x 42 cm. However, it is a lightweight object that can be moved easily: it weighs 2,1 kg.

Lidl floor fan

Also, the length of its cable is 180 cm., so it can be used in a relatively wide range of action. This, together with its rotating front grille, ensures optimal air circulation.

Finally, you have a 120 minute timer and function of auto power off. This feature makes it especially useful at night: it can be left on without fear of falling asleep, as it will turn itself off. At the moment, it is only available in white and can be purchased as online.

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