INSISTENT. Trump and his defenders have repeated that the 2020 elections were the subject of fraud / EFE

Just before Christmas, two Colorado attorneys filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of 160 million American voters, alleging a grand conspiracy to steal the 2020 presidential election by voting equipment maker Dominion Voting Systems, Facebook, founder Mark Zuckerberg, his wife Priscilla Chan and elected officials in four states, and asking for $ 160 billion in damages.

The case was thrown out in April, but now a federal judge is considering disciplining the lawyers for filing a frivolous claim, drastically questioning the duo in a hearing Friday on whether they had allowed themselves to be used as “a propaganda tool” by former President Donald. Trump.

“Has that ever occurred to you? That you possibly are repeating things the president is lying about? “Federal Judge N. Reid Neureiter asked the two attorneys, Gary D. Fielder and Ernest John Walker, during a hearing to consider sanctioning them.


The two attorneys argued that they had a good faith belief that the elections were stolen and did not trust government officials and others who claimed they were safe and that there was not widespread fraud.

It was the second time this week that a judge disqualified lawyers who brought cases for alleged fraud in the 2020 elections, as the legal system fights over how to hold accountable those who used the court system to spread falsehoods about the vote.

On Monday, a federal judge in Michigan spent almost six hours skeptically questioning a group of nine attorneys, including pro-Trump attorneys Sidney Powell and L. Lin Wood, in a similar hearing to determine whether to discipline the group for filing a lawsuit seeking to overturn President Biden’s victory in that state.

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