The trial of the November 13 attacks is historic, and the only survivor among the terrorists insisted on standing out from his first day: the main defendant Salah Abdeslam introduced himself as an ISIS fighter when asked. his profession, before starting a prayer. A provocation that the president of the court did not take up. The 31-year-old Franco-Moroccan also complained of being treated like a dog in prison.

“Well listen, it wasn’t a surprise reaction anyway, said Arthur Dénouveaux, survivor of the Bataclan attack and head of the Life for Paris association. This is exactly what he had done in Brussels; what is a little surprising is that instead of going to the end of the logic and stopping talking afterwards, he answers half of the questions, like his address. We feel that there is not a great intelligence behind the behavior. “

“I wasn’t expecting anything but when I saw him it still did something to me, said Thierry, survivor of Bataclan and complainant. And I was surprised to see his face, he has changed a bit, he has a beard, but hey I’m going to face him, I’m going to look, I’m not afraid. “

While the emotion is great in France, the president of the special assize court also called for “respect for the rights of the defense”.

Paul-Mathieu de La Foata, a victim’s lawyer, talks about the expectations of civil parties:

“We are facing an abyss of so much violence, so much horror and this legal framework, with rules, the criminal trial which responds to very precise rules, aims precisely to reframe that in a more logical framework, and more concrete, so to take a step back from what happened, and start to rebuild. “

In addition to Salah Abdeslam, 13 other suspected accomplices of the terrorist appear in Paris. The attacks, perpetrated on the evening of November 13 at the Stade de France, on the Parisian terraces and at the Bataclan, left 130 dead and more than 350 injured.

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