It is something unusual. There have never been 10 no-hitters in MLB’s more than 100-year history. Even discounting the two that the Commissioner’s office does not officially consider no-hitters, 2021 is almost insane.

In a record-breaking era of home runs, the era of angled swing looking for the bleachers, pitchers have been able to take advantage and have been able to take revenge.

Or that, at least, is what is inferred from this historic harvest:

  • April 9: Joe Musgrove (Padres vs. Rangers).
  • April 14: Carlos Rodon (White Sox vs. Indians).
  • April 25, in 7 innings: Madison Bumgarner (Diamondbacks vs. Braves).
  • May 5: John Means (Orioles vs. Mariners).
  • May 7: Wade Miley (Reds vs. Indians).
  • May 18: Spencer Turnbull (Tigers vs. Mariners).
  • May 19: Corey Kluber (Yankees vs. Rangers).
  • June 24: Zach Davies, Andrew Chafin, Ryan Tepera and Craig Kimbrel (Cubs vs. Dodgers, no-hitter combined).
  • July 7, in 7 innings: Collin McHugh, Josh Fleming, Diego Castillo, Matt Wisler and Pete Fairbanks (Rays vs. Indians, no-hitter combined).
  • 14 de agosto: Tyler Gilbert (Diamondbacks vs Padres).

The Bumgarner gem and the Rays combined gem do not count towards the records. Although MLB created the rule that matches with only seven innings are official, when there is a doubleheader, it has refused to give the seal of no-hit no-run to those games that do not reach at least the ninth place.


It doesn’t matter if the Big Top one day reviews those cases or the 28-out Perfect Game launched by Venezuelan Armando Galarraga in 2010. Because the eight tasks that Commissioner Rob Manfred does bless represent a new brand.

Seven were completed in 1990 and again in 1991, 2012 and 2015, remember The Sporting News. And Gilbert’s served to break that border.

You have to go to the 19th century, to 1884, to find a precedent. On that occasion, eight were launched. But it’s not just a time before modern baseball, which begins in 1900. The rules were different then, starting with the number of bad pitches that were needed for a walk.

Ana is fertile, due to the abundance of this year.

Musgrove is a native of San Diego, who had made his career in Pittsburgh and Houston, and after signing with the Padres, he accomplished the feat at Petco Park, on his debut, in front of friends and loved ones.

It took Rodón months to receive an attractive proposal to pitch in 2021 as a free agent. The White Sox decided to rehire him when Spring Training was about to start and he looked like that.

All of the relievers who helped Davies to achieve the Cubs gem were traded to other teams shortly thereafter. Chafin went to the Athletics, Tepera and Kimbrel are now white-legged.

Gilbert reached the extreme of astonishment. Because at almost 28 years old, he is in his first major league tournament. In fact, he worked as an electrician in 2020, when the minor leagues were canceled due to the pandemic. And in his first start up, after three relays, he achieves his no-hit no-run.

“It’s crazy,” admitted the southpaw, quoted by after his task.


There is no reason to think that Gilbert’s will be the last no-hitter of this contest. Because other pitchers keep trying hard.

Venezuelan Germán Márquez reached the ninth inning against the Indians without hits or runs, until Ka’ai Tom broke the magic. It was June 29.

And another Venezuelan, Harold Castro, played the opposite role this Sunday, the day after Gilbert’s gem, firing a rocket in the eighth inning that prevented a Perfect Game by Cleveland and Triston McKenzie against the Tigers.

So anything can happen. There is still a month and a half left from the regular calendar. And while hitters are still looking to hit home runs harder than ever, hitters are still flirting with perfection.

Or maybe that’s precisely why. Perhaps in that all or nothing bet, when they are at the plate, the batters are more exposed to give everything to the pitchers … and they have nothing.

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