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The Mobile Brigade of the National Police has identified the man who attacked a health worker last Thursday in the Metro of Madrid, who has lost part of the vision in one of his eyes due to the strong blow that the aggressor gave him after asking him to put on the mask.

Sources close to the case have indicated to Efe that this Monday a person has gone to court to declare that he knew the alleged aggressor and contribute his data personal.

In parallel, the investigators have taken a statement from the two companions of this individual at the time of the attack, which occurred with a US fist, according to La Sexta and police sources have confirmed to Efe.

The alleged aggressor is expected to be detained by the National Police in the next few hours.

The attack occurred at the Alto del Arenal station, on line 1 of the Metro, when the toilet allegedly urged him to put on a mask.

In a video that circulates on social networks, you can see how a man gives the toilet a strong blow to the face. “Asshole, let it be clear to you; I hope you die“, said the aggressor to the victim before leaving the convoy.

After the event, Metro notified the National Police and Municipal Assistance Service Emergency-Civil Protection Department (SAMUR-PC), which treated the victim of the attack and transferred him to the 12 de Octubre hospital, precisely the center where he works.

This Monday the victim has undergone surgery in the hospital, although it is necessary to wait for his evolution to know if he has lost part or all of the vision in one of his eyes.

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According to current measures, the use of the mask is still mandatory in public transport, including platforms and passenger stations and cable cars, as well as in vehicles with up to nine seats, including the driver, if the occupants of passenger cars they do not live in the same address.

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