The new government of Pedro Castillo in Peru already has its first loss.

The chancellor Hector Bejar He resigned this Tuesday after some controversial statements made before taking office, about the origin of the rebel group PathLight, which killed thousands of people.

The foreign minister was one of the radical left-wing politicians in Castillo’s new cabinet, which has caused friction with the opposition-dominated Congress.

Béjar, an 85-year-old sociologist who participated in a leftist guerrilla in Peru in his youth, said in an online meeting earlier this year that the Maoist group Sendero Luminoso was the work of the Peruvian Navy and the Central Agency of United States Intelligence (CIA).

Béjar’s words, broadcast on Sunday in a television program, provoked the indignation of the Navy, Congress and the media in a country that experienced two decades of internal war at the end of the last century with 69,000 dead and missing, according to a Truth Commission.

Dozens of people protested in front of the Foreign Ministry headquarters in the center of Lima demanding his resignation.

The Foreign Ministry had reported on Monday night that Béjar’s words were “taken out of context” to confuse public opinion, discredit him and obtain his censure. Since he was appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Béjar had been criticized by center parties and right in the fragmented Congress.

Béjar had minimized as chancellor the work of the so-called Lima Group created four years ago to pressure the left-wing government of Venezuela from Nicolas Maduro.

Demonstration against Béjar for his statements.

The chancellor’s resignation adds more political uncertainty to Castillo’s management, which is causing the price of the Peruvian currency, the sol, against the dollar to fall to record lows.

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The head of the cabinet of ministers, Guido Bellido, a leader of the Marxist party that nominated Castillo, is preparing to go to Congress on August 26 to ask for a vote of confidence.

Bellido faces a preliminary investigation in the prosecution for the alleged crime of “apology to terrorism” for some old statements in favor of a leader of the Shining Path, a group that sought with arms to overthrow the government.

A probable congressional rejection of the cabinet of ministers would deepen the political turmoil over the arrival of the socialist Castillo to power in the mining country, which last year had up to three presidents in a week after the disputes between the Executive and the Legislative.

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