The present day, Google announced the Pixel 5a with 5G smartphone for the US and Japan (but not Canada). This Pixel 5a includes a charger block in the box, but that won’t last long, according to Google.

The edge reports that the Pixel 5a will be the last smartphone from Google to include a USB-C power adapter in the box. According to Google, it is no longer necessary to include cargo bricks, as it says that most people already have one.

The move follows a decision first made by Apple in 2020, then followed shortly by Samsung (after originally mocking the iPhone maker for doing so, of course). By getting rid of a charging adapter, these companies save money and also reduce their carbon footprint by removing e-waste from landfills.

Apple ditched headphones and chargers last year with the iPhone 12 line, resulting in smaller retail packaging. Smaller boxes mean more units on a pallet when shipped by air, allowing for a reduction in carbon emissions as more phones can be shipped on a plane.

So when the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro launch later this year, don’t expect a loading brick inside the boxes.

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