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YouTube tests a new feature that allows users to buy directly from videos

Google-owned YouTube is testing the ability to buy directly from videos in a new e-commerce push. “We are testing a new way for people to easily discover and buy the products that appear in YouTube videos. The creators of this pilot test can add certain products to their videos ", Read the Google support page. Google notes that viewers can see a list of featured products by clicking on the shopping bag icon in the lower-left corner of the video they're watching. From there, viewers can explore each product page and learn more about it. You will also see related videos and purchase options for the products. The pilot is rolling out with a small number of YouTube creators and is currently limited to users in the United States on i...
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YouTube blocks uploading of Donald Trump’s channel for seven days

YouTube removed content from the account of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, and temporarily blocked new uploads. Following the review, and in light of concerns about the continued potential for violence, we removed new content uploaded to Donald J. Trump's channel for violating our policies. You now have your first strike and are temporarily unable to upload new content for a * minimum * of seven days, "YouTube outlined in a tweet. 1 / After review, and in light of concerns about the continued potential for violence, we removed new content uploaded to Donald J. Trump's channel for violating our policies. You now have your first strike and are temporarily unable to upload new content for a * minimum * of 7 days....
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US President Donald Trump banned from Facebook ‘indefinitely’

Facebook is extending its ban on the account of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, "indefinitely and at least for the next two weeks." Following the violent siege of the United States Capitol on January 6, the social media giant banned Trump from its platforms for 24 hours, but has now decided to extend the measure until "the peaceful transition of power is completed." "We believe the risks of allowing President Trump to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great," said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. in a sentence. Zuckerberg claims that for the past few years, the company has allowed Trump to use its platform in accordance with its rules, and at times removed some of the content when it viola...
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YouTube Music slightly modifies its dark theme for web and Android

YouTube Music has slightly modified its dark theme in its web and Android apps, as noted Reddit users and 9to5Google. When the service first launched, it had started with a dark theme and doesn't have a light mode yet. The interface was mainly black with shades of gray. However, some of the lighter gray parts are now black with the new redesign. Android status bar is now darker and 9to5Google you notice that the change is evident on the Library tab and you can see the gray carousel "Recent Activity". Also, the results on the Browse tab, search and playlist pages are combined at the top. Although these are small tweaks, they seem to create a more unified viewing experience for users. It seems that the changes started rolling out...
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YouTube Shares Its Most Popular Videos and Creators of 2020 in Canada

As in previous years, YouTube is sharing some of its most popular videos that helped entertain Canadians during this difficult year. Top trending videos in Canada Mark Rober, Building the perfect squirrel-proof bird feeder Dream, Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINAL Anonymous Justin Trudeau sings "Speaking Moistly" Netflix is ​​a joke 8:46 - Dave Chappelle NikkieTutorials, I'm leaving. America has talent Golden Buzzer: Roberta Battaglia, 10, Sings Lady Gaga's "Shallow" - America's Got Talent 2020 MrBeast, $ 250,000 Rock, Paper and Scissors Influencers Tournament JeffreeStar, Finished. Perfect doubt Quarantine stereotypes Paris Hilton, The true story of Paris Hilton | This is the official documentary of Paris YouTube is...
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YouTube app on some Android TV boxes gains support for 8K content

An update for the YouTube app is rolling out on Android TV boxes that provides 8K streaming support for a limited number of users. Initially seen by Android Police, YouTube for Android TV version 2.12.08 includes support for 8K content, but is limited to those with Android TV boxes running Android 10 and above. However, the 8K content is not the only change in the update. 9to5Google notes that there were two changelogs with the update. The first included a mention of AV1 HDR content playback, improved network performance, and fixes for font issues and a black screen issue. The updated changelog removed some of them, most importantly AV1 playback support. Instead, it says the app includes'Cast Connect', which allows Android TV a...
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YouTube Adds Trusted Links on COVID-19 Vaccines to Fight Misinformation

YouTube is updating its information panels, which appear when you search for things about COVID-19, to include information on vaccines. The company launched the panels earlier this year, and as discussions about possible COVID-19 vaccines are mounting, YouTube wants to direct viewers to reliable sources. YouTube will now ask users to "learn more about the progress of the vaccine" from trusted sources like the World Health Organization in relevant videos. The new panels are already visible in the United States and will be rolled out worldwide in the coming days. It's a good move for YouTube to try to educate people about vaccines, especially since anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists will use the platform to discourage people from get...
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YouTube takes a break from Rewind this year

YouTube Rewind it is canceled this year. In 2010, YouTube started Rewind as a look back at the creators, videos, and trends of the year. But given the COVID-19 pandemic, the Google-owned company has decided to take a break from Rewind this year. About Rewind this year. - YouTube YouTube) November 12, 2020 The ad aired a day after YouTube suffered a widespread outage that affected Canadians and Americans. In the past, YouTube even compiled a video summarizing Rewind with some of the creators and trends. In 2018, the company put together a Youtube Rewind that was very I dont like him. YouTube could have made for a joyous rewind experience by encouraging those who posted content this year that distracted ...
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YouTube Music Reportedly Releasing Custom ‘Review of the Year’ Playlists

It appears that YouTube Music is following its competitors and is going to offer a "Review of the Year" playlist towards the end of the year. These playlists are quite popular with Spotify and Apple Music users, and Google's streaming service hasn't had its own version until now. One the reddit user has already received the playlist and posted a screenshot of her appearance. Once the playlist is active for you, it will appear at the top of your home feed as "My 2020 Year Review". It's worth noting that it is currently unknown if YouTube Music will offer data on the most listened to tracks and genres like its competitors do. Other streaming services like Spotify offer infographics to share, but at the moment it seems YouTube Music...