Tuesday, October 20


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Teenager stuns TikTok users with ‘genius’ edible jewelry creation: ‘I would totally buy these’

A teenager is going viral after sharing her part-snack, part-jewelry invention, which has TikTok users begging her for a way to buy them.The 19-year-old, Mary Stofft, posted a video of her creation on July 5, and it’s not been viewed more than 750,000 times. In the clip, the TikTok user shows off her new “quirky” earrings.Stofft’s handmade jewelry is unconventional, but the idea is simple. Basically, she purchased two tiny Tajín seasoning containers, then attached them to a pair of earrings.The result, as Stofft puts it, makes for “snacks on the go” whenever she [email protected] yes ur right but what r u gonna do abt it ##earringcheck ##pegallmen2020 ##barbz4bernie ##girlinred ♬ original sound – peachpitplanetThere seem to be a few small h...