Sunday, November 29


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TikTok users stumble upon ‘haunted’ building during randonauting session

A group of young adults stumbled upon a “creepy,” unexplained phenomenon while experimenting with a popular smartphone app.The encounter was shared on TikTok by a user named yungzaylo. The 22-year-old’s video details what happened while he and his friends were using the Randonautica app.For the unfamiliar, the app sends users on “randonauting” explorations by assigning them a random set of GPS coordinates in their area. The program aims to help people “go to a specific local place [they’ve] probably never even noticed,” according to a description on Reddit.Randonauting journeys can be exciting or even cathartic, but yungzaylo’s was downright scary. The app took the TikToker and his friends to a random building in Duluth, Ga.WARNING: the video below cont...