Sunday, December 6

Quincy Brown

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Quincy Brown Releases New Clue, Mocks J Balvin Collab, Reveals What Quarantine With P Diddy Really Is Like

By Madison Brodsky, staff. 17 seconds ago Aye Yo, Qrew, listen to this: Quincy Brown is cooking up some new Latin flavors on his second release of the year. "I wanted to get something that would immediately connect with me and my fans, and 'Aye Yo' was something that just fell off my tongue," Quincy said exclusively. ET Canada. “It can be said in many different ways and tones, but we were playing with the melody and the phrase aye yo almost sang itself, so that was the beginning of completing the entire album. I think the song really came together when I was trying to see how people fall in love and I realized that it's all about being in the moment. " “That Latin environment, R&B is a new lane in which I will continue to experiment. I'm sure ...