Tuesday, December 1

profesores de la University of Toronto

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Many University of Toronto Professors Against Face-to-Face Classes | The Canadian News

Six University of Toronto faculty and staff unions have launched a petition to protest the school's reopening plan because they say it does not guarantee a safe return to work this fall. Rodrigo Díaz M. A petition, signed by more than 2,800 people, asks the University of Toronto to follow the example of other Canadian universities and to pause most face-to-face teaching in favor of online learning. "Until the safety of students and workers can be guaranteed, in-person learning, teaching, library science and other academic work must be paused," the petition says. According to the president of the University of Toronto, Meric Gertler, more than 90% of the undergraduate courses will be taught online. “At the same time, many of these same courses will offer a significant element in person,...