Friday, November 27

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Rumours of Ford Maverick small pickup peak after tailgate leak

There’s little to be argued in the statement that trucks have ballooned in size over the last couple of decades, leading more than one shopper to wish for a pickup even more compact than the current crop of mid-sizers. Persistent rumours suggest the engineers at Ford are planning such a machine.This pint-sized pickup could be based on a unibody platform, evoking memories of the Ranchero. Leaked images out this week show a tailgate clearly stamped with the word ‘Maverick,’ seemingly confirming gossip that was circulating earlier this year. An array of heavily camouflaged development vehicles, disguised to look like small vans but that could very well be small pickups, have been popping up near Ford facilities for at least the last two years.If it happens, the Maverick could slot ...
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Buy It! This Cummins-powered Ford F-250 is the embodiment of nostalgia

While swapping a Cummins into a Blue Oval is viewed as heresy in some circles, those who decry the exchange have either never suffered the acceleration times of a tired Ford 460 or are wearing a pair of very thick rose-coloured glasses. Or maybe they simply never had to pay the 460’s fuel bill.Either way, this vintage Ford Crew Cab rocks the entire drivetrain from a 1993 Dodge Ram 3500, chassis and all. Under the king-size hood is the venerable 5.9L diesel Cummins mill hooked to a five-speed manual. Horsepower and torque numbers go unmentioned by the seller but way back in 1993, this engine was rated at 160 ponies and 400 lb.-ft. of twist.For comparison, a Cummins-equipped 2020 Ram 3500 makes a maximum of 400 horsepower and 1000 lb.-ft. of torque. Progress is wonderful.Elsewhere...