Saturday, December 5


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Outlook for Android now supports calendar syncing between other apps

Outlook for Android now supports calendar event syncing between Outlook and other calendar apps, as first reported Android Police. Support applications include Google Calendar Samsung Calendar. Synchronization works both ways between applications. For example, events created in Outlook will appear in competing calendar applications and vice versa. Users can also edit calendar events between applications. This latest update essentially makes it easier to keep track of events if you're someone who uses multiple calendar apps. Although this is not a very exciting feature, it is still a nice addition to the application that is great for usability. The new feature is now available in Microsoft 365, Office 365, and accoun...
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Microsoft Outlook for Android to get new ‘Play My Emails’ feature

Microsoft has announced that Outlook for Android is getting a new ‘Play My Emails’ feature, which arrived on the iOS app last year. The feature essentially lets you listen to your emails by clicking on a popup option that appears when you’re connected to an audio device. Once you select the feature, Microsoft’s Cortana will begin to read your messages aloud. The voice assistant will read the content of the emails, details about who sent it along with the date and time it was received.“Triaging your inbox can take time in your day so it’s great when you can listen and respond to your email while you’re busy doing other things. Let Cortana read out your new email messages so you can listen hands-free, stay connected, and quickly le...
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Microsoft appears to be leveraging an Android feature to promote Bing

Microsoft seems to be attempting to get more people to start using Bing, according to a new addition to its Outlook app for Android. As first reported by Android Police, users who have the Outlook app installed on their phones have started to see a new option to perform a Bing search when they highlight text. The tech giant is using the contextual text selection Android feature to do so. The feature lets companies add in custom options to menus that appear when users highlight and select text. Microsoft is using the feature to add an option to the menu that says ‘Bing search’ when users highlight words. The interesting part is that the option doesn’t just appear within the Outlook app, and is seen when selecting text system-wide. T...