Saturday, November 28


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Nokia provides Telus with cloud-native 5G core products, IP routing solutions

Nokia has announced that Telus will deploy a range of its solution to offer greater network scale and performance. The solutions will help Telus strengthen and expand its 5G service offerings, while also providing the necessary service capabilities to meet growing customer demands. "Our 5G network, strengthened by the expertise of our infrastructure partners such as Nokia, will form the foundation of Smart Cities and Industry 4.0, next-generation virtual healthcare, immersive education, next-level agricultural technology and gaming," said Ibrahim, Telus CTO. Gideon, in a Press release. Nokia says the solutions will enable Telus to cost-effectively manage its network through near-zero automation, while helping it deliver ultra-lo...
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Ontario government introduces new regulation to reduce e-waste

The Ontario government has introduced a new regulation to require producers to collect and manage the full life cycle of their electronic products. This includes things like phones, computers, printers, and gaming equipment. The government notes that the regulation will promote the reuse and reconditioning of products so they can be resold. The new regulation will come into force on January 1, 2021 and aims to reduce the amount of waste produced by electronics. "Electronics are becoming an increasing challenge for our waste system and we need new solutions to keep it out of landfills," said Environment Minister Jeff Yurek at a Press release. Additionally, Nokia has partnered with Greener Acres Canada to convert electronic waste ...