Thursday, December 3

Natalie Portman

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Natalie Portman Talks About Being The First Female Thor In Chat With Serena Williams

By Tanja Saric. 4 hours ago Natalie Portman. Photo: CPImages Natalie Portman is ready to play Thor. In an Instagram live with tennis star Serena Williams on Sunday, the Academy Award-winner spoke about the upcoming “Thor: Love and Thunder” movie and how excited she is to be the first woman to play the character. RELATED: Natalie Portman, Serena Williams, Lilly Singh And Others To Bring New Women’s Soccer Team To Los Angeles “She’s actually ‘The Mighty Thor’. The comics had the female Thor when Jane becomes Thor, and she’s ‘The Mighty Thor,'” Portman said, clarifying that her character will not be known as “Lady Thor”. She went on to talk about the film’s production which was postponed amid the coronavirus pandemic. “We haven’t started. Mor...