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Tesla Model S with revamped design allegedly seen in Palo Alto

A revamped Tesla Model S with a new design has reportedly been seen driving through Palo Alto in California. Youtube Channel 'Kilowatts'has posted a video of the vehicle, which was seen near Tesla headquarters. The revamped Model S appears to have a wider body with a more prominent fender. Tesla also appears to have added updated wheels, new headlights, and an updated rear diffuser.It is currently unknown if there are internal changes, but it is likely. It is worth noting that the vehicle that was spotted has manufacturer's plates, which means that the design could not be achieved through third-party modifications and is in fact a real prototype. However, it is unknown if this vehicle is a prototype of a revamped version of th...
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Tesla Model S gets slight price decrease in Canada

Tesla has lowered the price of its two Model S models, making them a bit more affordable. In Canada, the Long Range Plus version now costs $ 101,990 CAD, which is a drop of $ 4,000 from its previous price of $ 105,990 based on our previous report. The more powerful Performance model now costs $ 124,990, which is a $ 6,000 drop from the previous price of $ 130,990. I'm not sure how much the Plaid model costs, but if you're spending $ 189,990 on a car I don't think a $ 4,000 to $ 6,000 price difference is going to make a difference. You can check the car in Tesla website. Via: Tesla north
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Tesla Model S price drop: up to $ 6,000 in Canada

As the people of Tesla north, a price drop that quietly debuted for the Tesla Model S sedan in Canada for both its Long Range Plus and Performance trims, up to CAD $ 6,000. Price drops also occurred in the United States, China and other markets. The price drop, announced overnight, is said to be aimed at spurring more Model S sales as Tesla aims to hit 500,000 vehicles produced in a single calendar year. Below are updated prices for the Model S in Canada:Model S Long Range Plus - CAD $ 101,990 (before $ 105,990; - $ 4,000 CAD) Model S performance - CAD $ 124,990 (before $ 130,990; - $ 6,000 CAD)The last time we saw a Model S price drop was in May. That's a $ 11,000 CAD drop for Long Range Plus and a $ 13,000 CAD drop for Performance, over a five-month span. Tesla CEO El...
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BC driver caught sleeping in a Tesla Model S speeding on the Alberta highway

A 20-year-old British Columbia man caught taking a nap behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S at high speed was charged with dangerous driving by the RCMP on the Alberta Highway (via TeslaNorth). Both front seats were fully reclined and both occupants appeared to be sound asleep, according to RCMP Sgt. Darin Turnbull. The car appeared to be driving on autopilot at over 140 km / h, Turnbull said. "No one was looking out the windshield to see where the car was going," he continued. “I have been in the police force for over 23 years, most of it in traffic law enforcement, and I am speechless. I've never seen anything like this before, but of course the technology wasn't there, ”Turnbull added.Speeding Tesla driver was caught taking a nap behind the wheel on the Alberta Highway....