Friday, October 23

Katharine Isabelle

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‘The Order’ Cast Talks About A Potential Third Season During Comic-Con @ Home

By Tanja Saric. 5 hours ago The cast of “The Order” is hopeful they’ll be back for a third season. On Sunday, stars Jake Manley, Adam DiMarco, Thomas Elms, Devery Jacobs, Katharine Isabelle, Louriza Tronco, and executive producers Dennis Heaton, Shelley Eriksen, Chad Oakes and Mike Frislev, came together for a virtual panel during Comic-Con @ Home to discuss the show’s second season and the potential of a third. RELATED: Nathan Fillion Talks About His Career In Film And Television During Comic-Con @ Home “I know that the fan and audience response has been incredible. It’s been amazing, so we’re very thankful to everybody out there for watching,” Oakes said. “The love comes through in all the blogs, reviews and everything else, so we’re cautiously optimistic and we hope we c...