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Kamala Harris seizes historic moment by accepting vice president nomination – The Canadian News

Kamala Harris accepted the Democratic vice presidential nomination on Wednesday, cementing her place in history as the first black woman in a major party and vowing that she and Joe Biden will rejuvenate a country ravaged by a pandemic and divided by racial and partisan divisions. In a speech culminating the third night of the virtual Democratic National Convention, the California senator recalled the lessons of her late mother, Shyamala Gopalan, an Indian biologist and immigrant, and said she instilled in her a vision of} our nation as a beloved community. - where everyone is welcome, no matter what we look like, where we come from or who we love. " "In this election, we have an opportunity to change the course of history," Harris said. "We are all in this fight." Harris al...
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Biden and Harris whip Trump at historic vice presidential election launch – The Canadian News

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris launched an aggressive double attack on President Donald Trump's character and performance on Wednesday, as they presented their election case for the first time as running partners. Biden, a 77-year-old white male, embraced the importance of naming the first black woman in a major party's presidential bid, but also focused on other attributes that Harris brings to the nomination. He praised the California senator, the 55-year-old former prosecutor who criticized Biden a year ago in a primary debate stage, as the right woman to help him defeat Trump and then lead a nation facing crisis in triplicate: a pandemic, a wounded economy. and long-term recognition of racism. Harris, Biden declared in a high school gymnasium in her hometown of Wilmington,...