Thursday, January 14

Google Phone

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Google Phone application can add a new function to always record calls from unknown numbers

The Google Phone app may get a new feature in the future that automatically logs calls from unknown numbers. XDA Developers has found clues in the app's code that suggest Google is currently working on an automatic call recording feature. If the feature is enabled, users would see a disclaimer advising them of the legal consequences of call recording depending on their jurisdiction. Similarly, an audio warning would be played on the line before the recording begins to notify all parties that the call is being recorded. Other suggestions indicate that users will see a confirmation dialog asking if they want to "always record" or "cancel." Also, the code suggests that there will be a toggle to enable or disable the feature in the a...
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Google could change the name of the phone app to ‘Google Call’, update icon

The Google Phone app has undergone a few changes lately, including widespread availability for non-Pixel phones and getting a new name (Google Phone) on the Play Store. However, there may be a larger rebrand in the works that will bring the app in line with Google's Workspace suite. A YouTube ad viewed by Reddit user 'DominusLux' for Phone by Google, but with a new name: Google Call. Along with the new name, the ad features a phone icon in the four-color design seen in Google's Workspace productivity apps like Gmail, Calendar, and Drive. Aside from the rebrand, the ad touts Google Call's "trusted caller ID" feature and features an image of a call from a Sunset pharmacy. 9to5Google suggests that the Phone by Google app could soon ...
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The beta version of the Google Phone app is now available on most Android phones

Earlier this year, the Google Phone dialing app became available for use on select non-Pixel and non-Android One devices. Now, users can install the app on almost all Android phones. In April, Google opened the Phone app to work on non-Pixel devices that didn't run Android One. Unfortunately, not all devices are compatible with the Google Phone app, such as Samsung and OnePlus phones. At the time, the limit seemed to be related to the bookmark's "shared library". The Phone app requires that library, which was not available on some phones like Samsung's. However, that seems to have changed. It's unclear if Google removed that requirement or if something else changed. As seen by Android Police, the latest beta version of the Goog...