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Freedom Mobile promotion targets Rogers and Fido customers with 10GB of additional data

After targeting Telus and Koodo clients to switchFreedom Mobile has now moved to Rogers and Fido clients. “Switch to Freedom and get an additional 10GB on $ 35 / mo + plans! Plus, get amazing deals on our most popular phones. A term of 2 years is required. Only in the store, ”reads the Freedom Mobile website. Freedom Mobile says the 10GB bonus applies to the following plans:Freedom 1GB Big Gig Unlimited 10GB Big Gig Unlimited + Talk 10GB / 12GB / 15GB / 25GB Promo Big Gig Unlimited + Talk 11GB / 16GB / 20GB Big Gig Unlimited + Talk 10GB + 3GB Canada-USA USA Big Gig Unlimited + Talk 30GB + 5GB Canada-USA USAPromotion equates to a $ 35 / 11GB entry plan, for example Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). “You will receive the additional data every month as long as you remain act...
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Koodo offers a free 5GB data plug-in on request

Image via RFD It appears that wireless service providers are going to great lengths to prevent customers from jumping ship, based on recent data bonus promotions that are taking place. We I told you yesterday how Freedom Mobile is giving some existing customers 10GB of data for free if you ask, and now there seems to be a similar promo available from Telus-owned Koodo in the form of 5GB. According to RFD, Koodo is giving a free 5GB data add-on if you call and mention that Freedom Mobile has a $ 35 plan with 11GB of data. The customer service agents will then "talk" with supervisors and then approve a 5GB data add-on for your current plan. Popular RFD thread cites a large number of users who can get Koodo's 5GB data plugin, as since Sunday afternoon the discussion has already ...
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Freedom Mobile offers a free 10GB data voucher upon request

Shaw's Freedom Mobile appears to be handing out a free 10GB data voucher upon request. According to iPhone in Canada reader @HeyimSpike, says Freedom Mobile is offering what's called the '10GB Freedom Data Promo Bonus' add-on, if you contact them by phone, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. We were able to confirm that many others were also able to get this 10GB of free data added to all lines on their accounts. Once the 10GB data promotion is applied to your account, a confirmation text message is sent, as seen above. Again, if you're looking to get 10GB of free data added to your account, it may be worth reaching out to Freedom Mobile to get it. Freedom Mobile recently launched pre-orders for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, joining other wireless carriers in supporting the l...
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Freedom Mobile: Save up to $ 360 off iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

Shaw's Freedom Mobile today launched pre-orders for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, including wireless headlines Rogers, Telus and Bell. However, Freedom Mobile already offers up to $ 360 savings on iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, for customers who sign a contract with MyTab for two years.This is what you can save, for example:Save $ 312 - iPhone 12 (64GB) - $ 0 in advance; 24-month MyTab ($ 35 / mo) and $ 55 phone plan; phone cost after two years: $ 840 Save $ 360 - iPhone 12 Pro (128GB) $ 0 in advance; 24-month MyTab ($ 45 / mo) and $ 55 phone plan; phone cost after two years: $ 1,080Freedom Mobile doesn't have a $ 55 plan on their website, but there is a $ 60 plan with 20GB of data. So you could get an iPhone 12 for $ 0 upfront and pay $ 95 per month ($ 35 Tab + $ 60 p...
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Freedom Mobile iPhone 12 Pre-Order Date Oct 16

Shaw's Freedom Mobile has announced that it will launch iPhone 12 pre-orders on October 16, 2020. "Freedom will offer the new line of iPhone 12 with new sleek designs with increased durability and new incomparable camera systems," explained the wireless company tonight. "Orders for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro start on October 16," says Freedom, which is the same timeline as Apple's pre-orders.Freedom will offer the new iPhone 12 lineup with sleek new designs with increased durability and unmatched new camera systems. Orders for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro begin on October 16.https://t.co/vqxqLAs6Sb pic.twitter.com/3vGmVt0Kfk - Freedom Mobile (@FreedomMobile) October 14, 2020Apple's iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max won't launch pre-orders until November 6, and will...
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Freedom Mobile offers $ 35 for 11GB if you switch Telus, Koodo

Freedom Mobile is now offering a pretty good promotion if you switch Koodo or Telus. The promotion gives you 11GB of data for $ 35 if you switch from the British Columbia-based carrier or its sub-brand. According to a Freedom Mobile employee, this deal is currently available to customers who want to purchase a new smartphone and have the option of purchasing a two-year 'Absolute Zero' plan or bringing their own device. Currently with Koodo, I have 11GB of data for $ 55, so if I switched, I would be saving $ 20 a month, and I thought 11GB for $ 55 was a good deal. Freedom says this deal is a limited time offer. Source: Freedom Mobile
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The Fido promotion targets Freedom Mobile customers with a $ 39 / 11GB plan again

Last month owned by Rogers Fido approached Freedom Mobile customers with a promotional plan, in an effort to get them to change, through a $ 39 / 11GB plan. This plan has now come back again. According to RFD, the promotion offers $ 11 off per month (for 24 months with code TAGSRA4DE) on any plan of $ 50 or more, along with 5GB of bonus data, plus the waived $ 40 activation fee. 1,000 long distance minutes are also included. For additional lines, you get an additional 2GB of data, plus $ 5 off per month. The extra 2GB for extra lines can be added to your main line, depending on the Fido dealer you are dealing with. RFD User 'Thatdealguy' explains: "Some reps will add the additional line discounts to their main line or without a [second] line. You can try the dealer stores ...
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Freedom Mobile offers free 10GB / month data to select customers

We have seen wireless carriers like Rogers and Fido gives away 10GB of data for free to select customers, and now it appears Shaw's Freedom Mobile is doing the same. According to user 'chadw01' on RFD, the following text message was sent this morning: Freedom Mobile Special Gift: Thank you for being a Freedom Mobile customer! As a special gift to you, we added an additional 10GB / month of Freedom Fast LTE data to your line so you can do more for less with your wireless service. No action required, the data was automatically applied to your line. You will continue to receive this free bonus data as long as you keep your current plan or upgrade. Check MyAccount to see your total data allotment and track your usage. The target user has a $ 45 / 10GB family and friends plan, ...
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Freedom Mobile promotion adds up to 8GB data bonus to select plans

Shaw's Freedom Mobile has added bonus data to their plans, offering up to 8GB of bonus data. Select Big Gig unlimited data plans display up to 5GB of bonus data, while regular Freedom plans have up to 8GB of bonus data. Below are the plans with bonus data to bring your own device and digital discount applied. All of the plans we list include unlimited domestic talk and text. Freedom plans$ 35 - 7GB (1GB + 6GB bonus); usually $ 40 $ 40 - 9GB (2GB + 7GB bonus); normally $ 45 $ 40 - 11GB (3GB + 8GB bonus); normally $ 50 $ 45 - 13GB (5GB + 8GB bonus); normally $ 55 $ 45 - 14GB (6GB + 8GB Bonus); normally $ 60Unlimited Big Gig plans$ 50 - 15GB (10GB + 5GB bonus); normally $ 65 $ 55 - 20GB - "special" plan $ 55 - 16GB (11GB + 5GB bonus); normally $ 70 $ 60 - 17GB (12GB...
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Freedom Mobile offers $ 55 for a 20GB 1-year BYOB plan

Freedom Mobile is offering a limited time promotion that many Canadians would like to participate in. The Toronto-based carrier offers 20GB of LTE data for just $ 55 CAD per month for a year if you bring your own phone.For $ 55 you get unlimited calling to Canada, unlimited incoming calls, unlimited global text, picture and video messages, as well as unlimited data that slows beyond 20GB. This plan typically costs $ 70, but Freedom offers it for $ 55, which includes the $ 5 digital discount if you set up pre-authorized payments and redeem the promo code "Digital Discount." You can only get the plan from the store and it is available on postpaid plans. Source: Freedom Mobile
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Freedom Mobile prepaid offer: $ 19 / 1.5GB plan with unlimited talk and text

Freedom Mobile has launched a flash sale, offering a prepaid plan at $ 19 per month with 1.5GB of LTE data, for 12 months. The plan includes unlimited domestic calling and global texting, and the $ 19 price is after the digital discount (setting up a pre-authorized credit card payment). According to Freedom, the plan is typically priced at $ 29 per month, but there is a $ 10 discount. A separate prepaid plan is available at $ 29 per month with 3GB of data and unlimited domestic talk and text. This plan, while with a measly 1.5GB of data, would be aimed at those who use their devices in moderation. Additional data is available at the cost of $ 15 for 1GB for 30 days. "A one-time connection fee ($ 10 for prepaid) will apply for each new line activation," reads the Freedom Mobil...
Freedom’s new mobile ad says “Now is the time for freedom” [VIDEO]
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Freedom’s new mobile ad says “Now is the time for freedom” [VIDEO]

Shaw's Freedom Mobile has shared a new announcement today, promoting "Now is the time for freedom." The wireless company's new ad spot features Canadian spokesman and actor Will Arnett again, but this time taking a serious tone. "When it comes to value, no one can touch Freedom Mobile," explains Arnett. "Every day, the Freedom network grows stronger" and is "faster and longer than ever." Freedom Mobile tells prospective customers that they are "preparing for an affordable 5G future," asking those who are watching to "stop overpaying" on wireless and "join the millions who have already switched to Freedom. "While the Freedom Mobile network continues to expand its network, some past and existing customers would still argue that there are gaps in coverage. Shaw recently launch...