Sunday, October 25


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Happy Campers: How to buy the right slide-in unit for your pickup

Getting away from it all while taking it all with you generally means hitching up a trailer weighing several thousand pounds, figuring out a maze of electrical connections, then piloting what feels like several football fields worth of machine down the highway.It can be an unnerving feeling for the uninitiated, as the truck and trailer’s pivot point can make the whole thing feel like two bricks joined together by a piece of A4 paper from Staples. The first time your author hauled a 9,000-lb condo-on-wheels behind his pickup truck is an experienced seared into his brain like grill marks on a steak.Setting the StageAn alternative to trailers, then? Slide-in truck bed campers. They’re an offbeat solution to the camping puzzle that’s making something of a comeback thanks to the rise...