Monday, October 26

Burning Out

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You Can Reach Your Dreams Without Burning Yourself Out

When you work yourself too hard, your mental health is going to take a hit. You might not even realize what's happening to you until it's too late. After all, you can't slow down. You have deadlines to meet. You have dreams to reach. Any second you're not working is a second wasted. You're conditioned to believe you're lazy unless you're working until the brink of exhaustion, aren't you? You're convinced there's no possible way to complete your goals unless you're working toward them 24/7, right? When you burn out, you might get moody. You might start snapping at anyone who creates the slightest inconvenience for you. You might even get annoyed with friends for texting you, asking to hang out, because they are interrupting your work. Don't th...