Friday, October 23


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Canadian Bowser among group arrested for selling Nintendo tricks

Two members of the hacking group 'Team Xecuter', best known for their Nintendo hacks, were arrested and charged with fraud. The two were French national Max Louarn and Gary Bowser, who originally came from Canada but was arrested in the Dominican Republic. According to The edge, Xecuter was a sophisticated operation that developed tools to crack locked game consoles like the Nintendo Switch. For example, a tool created by the company, called 'SX Pro', was a USB device that allowed Switch consoles to run pirated games. Along with the Switch, the group created hacking tools for the Nintendo 3DS, NES Classic, and more. Ars Technica He also reported that Team Xecuter's profit motive made it controversial in the modding and emulation communities. Those groups tend to focus on open source...