Monday, October 26

Bill Nye

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Bill Nye Says ‘We’re All One Species’ As He Simplifies Race In Viral Video

By Jamie Samhan. 12 secs ago Bill Nye is done with skirting around a topic and his new TikTok platform is proof. From sharing the importance of wearing a mask to racism, Nye is tackling everything. Nye broke down the reasoning behind different skin colours and how really, we are all the same. He started off sharing a map that showed the intensity of UV light across the globe. RELATED: Bill Nye Advocates Wearing Masks On TikTok: ‘This Is A Matter, Literally, Of Life And Death’ “It turns out the closer you are to the equator, the more intense the ultraviolet light is,” he said. “It turns out that everybody on earth is descended from people who lived here, in Africa,” he continued while noting that has people migrated away, the amount of UV light they were receiving lessoned. ...