Monday, October 26


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Shaw Mobile arrives in B.C., Alberta with $0 talk and text, $45 25GB plans

Canada’s mobile market is in for a shakeup, especially in Alberta and B.C. as Shaw Communications launches its new ‘Shaw Mobile’ business with an eye-popping $0 plan. The company’s president, Paul McAleese, explained that Shaw was “happy to be the catalyst for change” during a press briefing ahead of the July 30th launch of Canada’s latest mobile player. And it looks like Shaw could be a significant catalyst with its introductory plans that massively undercut the competition. Shaw Mobile will start with two plans: ‘By The Gig’ and ‘Unlimited Data.’ By The Gig plans cost $0 per month and include unlimited nationwide talk and text. Plus, customers can buy 1GB of data for $10 if they need it — that data rolls over for up to 90 days if they don’t use it all in one billing cycle. As for ...