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COVID Alert Exposure Notification App Surpasses 5 Million Downloads

The federal government's COVID Alert exposure notification app has exceeded five million downloads. This new statistic comes as Canadian Digital Service has recognized that some people They are downloading COVID Alert on various devices such as their work phone and personal phone, but this may work against the purpose of the app. The agency notes that to protect the integrity of a notification, a unique key is provided for a positive diagnosis to be entered into a device. So if you have two phones with the app, you will have to choose which one to enter the key on. Because of this, the CDS recommends that Canadians only download one app per person, even if they have more than one phone. The CDS says you should download the app on...
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“Moving to Canada” and Related Google Searches Increase Due to US Elections.

The results of the US presidential election are still up in the air, and as close as the situation remains, some Americans turned to Google to find out the process of moving to Canada. According to Google Trends, the search term "moving to Canada" began to increase around 9 pm ET and leveled off at 1:24 am ET on election night.Other searches that were trending last night include: "how to move to Canada from the US", "Can I move to Canada", "moving to Canada with pets" and "Canadian citizenship requirements". When Donald Trump won in 2016, Canada's immigration site collapsed and many Americans sought to move north of the United States border. Americans also searched for "how to get out of the US", "Move to Australia" and "can you ...
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The new trailer for ‘the Witcher’ shows a lot of monsters

Netflix is ​​new trailer for The Wizard has arrived, offering spoilers for monster fragments to come.The video is titled 'Geralt's Monster Mash' and it also plays the song. Monster puree. It has tons of different monsters from the Witcherverse and shows a quick clip of a claw-shaped creature with a protruding eyeball. There is also a trio of banshee-shaped skeletons that look perfect for Halloween. The second season of the show is scheduled to premiere in 202, but is still in the filming process. So far, we have seen images that appeared online if Yennefer, as well as some images of Ciri. Source: Netflix, Via: GamesRadar
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Call of Duty doesn’t care about your hard drive

The latest news to filter on what's new Call of Duty game is going to be a massive download. On current generation consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War occupies approximately 95GB of storage at launch. The next-gen version of the game averages around 135GB, meaning that a single game will take up more than a third of your hard drive if you opt for the Xbox Series S. Call of Duty has gotten a bad rap lately for its huge game files, with COD: Modern Warefare reaching up to 200GB on PC. After that though, Activision made it so that PC gamers can install specific parts of the game to save their precious hard drive space. This multi-part download model is taking place, but it appears that you will only ...
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Chrome extension reverts new Google icons to their previous appearance

If you hate new Google icons and you are a Google Chrome user, now you can revert some to their old look. A Chrome extension, appropriately named 'Restore Old Google Icons' and created by product designer Claudio Postinghel, takes the new Google colored icons that look the same and changes them on the Chrome tabs to look like the version previous. So far it only works with Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Meet. However, this should add enough variety to help you not confuse all of your tabs. That's all there is to this extension. It changes the look of the tab logos, so it only helps people who need to open a lot of Google-related tabs frequently. Hopefully Google will learn from this and redesign its new icons one more time so ...
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Google’s Messages App Now Allows Users To Schedule Text Messages

You may find yourself in a situation where you want to be the first to wish your friend a "happy birthday" at midnight, but you can't stay awake or you want to tell your partner that you love them first thing in the morning. but you don't really want to wake up to do it. Google is here to help you. The tech giant is rolling out a new feature in its Messages app that finally allows users to schedule a text message.Finally, Google Messages added the function "Schedule Message" 📅🕛. Put some draft text, touch and hold the send button, the "Schedule message" option will appear. Previously used to get an option to add theme for mms, now moved to 3 dot menu @ 9to5Google @SkylledDev @AndroidPolice - Sai Reddy...
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Spotify adds standalone streaming support to the Apple Watch app

Spotify has confirmed that it is beginning to roll out support for standalone streaming on its Apple Watch app. The new feature allows users to listen to Spotify content over a Wi-Fi or cellular connection without being tethered to their iPhone. This feature has been a long time to come, especially for customers who want to put their iPhone down when exercising or at other times when they don't want to take it with them. With the standalone streaming feature, users will be able to stream directly from their Apple Watch. A spokesperson for Spotify said TechCrunch in a statement that Spotify is "focused on developing experiences that allow users to listen to Spotify wherever and whenever they want, regardless of device or platfor...
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Soccer game AI camera operator repeatedly mistakes bald head for ball

While artificial intelligence has been able to successfully create a realistic simulation of Wimbledon matches, it seems to have more problems with soccer. At least, that was the case with a recent match with the Scottish soccer team Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC. With the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in games without a hearing, the Inverness Caledonian Thistle has since been using an automatic camera system with “built-in AI ball-tracking technology” to track the action. However, it did not go as planned in the team's late October game against Ayr United. For much of the game, the camera looked away from the ball and looked at the linesman, who had a shiny bald spot. Obviously, he was mixing the two round and similarly sized s...
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Best Buy’s Latest Sale Deals Offer ‘Black Friday Pricing Now’

Best buy 'Cross it off your sales list' offers discounts on everything from computers, televisions, headphones, video games, smart home products, wearable technology, cameras and more. Best Buy has listed these products as 'Black Friday Price Now', which could mean they won't be cheaper. This sale ends on November 5. Here are some of the products listed below:Best Buy Canada has many more products for sale, and you can check them out on their website. here.
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Pokémon Go generated $ 1 billion dollars with in-app purchases: report

Somehow, Pokemon go still strong. The mobile game that launched in 2016 and shows augmented reality versions of Nintendo's Game Freak and Pocket Monsters, is having its best year.Sensor Tower reports that Pokemon go generated $ 1 billion (approximately C $ 1.3 billion) in revenue through in-app purchases in 2020. The market intelligence company indicates that sales fell in 2017 but have risen steadily since. Lifetime earnings have exceeded $ 4 billion (approximately C $ 5.2 billion) The pandemic is probably what caused the increase in sales. There is now an option in the game that allows users to chase Pokémon without having to walk through the real world, making the AR mobile title more of an option for those who are confined ...
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Activision Blizzard Says It Will Bring All Its Franchises To Mobile Devices

Video game giant Activision Blizzard has announced plans to create mobile tickets across all of its franchises. In a recent investor call, Activision Blizzard President and COO Daniel Alegre noted that mobile devices present a great opportunity to bring your properties to a wider audience. "We need to make sure that we are enabling our franchises on the billions of mobile devices that are available right now," Alegre said. “That is by far our biggest opportunity, and we are investing significantly to capitalize on it and bring all of our franchises to mobile devices over time. That is very, very important to us. " So far, the company has had significant success on smartphones and tablets with a couple of games. In particular, Activision owns King, the makers of the hugely popular...
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Spotify test lets artists and labels feature songs in recommendations

Spotify plans to test a feature soon that will allow artists and labels to promote songs in Spotify's recommendation section. They will be able to use a markup system to target the specific music they want to broadcast on the platform's algorithms. Artists can now use the option to highlight one of their new songs or the anniversary of a previous album or a song that they are especially excited about. To make the feature accessible to artists at any stage in their careers, they will not need an up-front fee, but will "agree to be paid a promotional recording royalty rate for broadcasts in personalized listening sessions where we provide this service." This essentially means that the money will come out of royalties. If the speci...