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watchOS 7.3 for Apple Watch Adds New Unity Watch Faces, Time To Walk, and More

watchOS 7.3, the latest version of Apple's portable operating system, will launch today. The update includes several notable features such as a new Unity Watch Face collection to celebrate Black History Month, Fitness + 'Time to Walk' recordings of various notable celebrities, and ECGs in more regions around the world. Along with the new Unity Watch Faces, Apple is also releasing a new version of the Apple Watch Series 6 that includes a Black Unity Sport Band on February 1. Regarding the wider launch of ECG, the feature will be launched in Japan, Mayotte, the Philippines and Thailand. The update also includes performance improvements and fixes related to Control Center and Notification Center issues. While watchOS 7.2 is rolling ou...
Apple Watch Could Finally Get The Long-Rumored Blood Sugar Feature With The Series 7
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Apple Watch Could Finally Get The Long-Rumored Blood Sugar Feature With The Series 7

It looks like the Apple Watch might finally get a blood sugar monitoring feature with the launch of the Series 7. According to the South Korean publication ETNews, the feature monitors blood glucose levels (commonly known as blood sugar) through an optical sensor. Blood sugar is essential to control and control conditions such as diabetes. Tests related to blood sugar generally require testing a drop of blood or an implanted continuous glucose monitor. ETNews says Apple has obtained several patents related to glucose monitoring and that the company is now "focusing on ensuring reliability and stability before the technology is commercialized." The optical sensor is reportedly designed to detect blood sugar levels through the skin continuously. Rumors surrounding Apple bringing ...
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Apple launches ‘Time to Walk’ feature for Apple Watch and Fitness +

Apple has revealed a new 'Time to Walk' feature for Apple Watch and Apple Fitness + subscribers. According to the company, Time To Walk offers "an inspiring new audio walking experience on Apple Watch for Fitness + subscribers" that aims to encourage subscribers to go out and walk more often. With Time To Walk, notable celebrities like country music star Dolly Parton, NBA player Draymond Green, Canadian musician Shawn Mendes, and Emmy Award-winning actor Uzo Aduba share what Apple calls "defining moments" that they were recorded while walking outdoors or in locations that mean something to them. New episodes of Time To Walk will appear in Apple's Workout app on Apple Watch every Monday through the end of April. The episodes will l...
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Study Suggests Apple Watch Can Detect COVID-19 Before Symptoms Appear

A new study suggests that Apple Watch can detect COVID-19 infections before symptoms arise. Researchers at Mount Sinai Health System in New York have found that wearable technology could play a vital role in case detection. The study found that the watch was able to detect positive cases of the virus before it is detectable by testing. The researchers found that the Apple Watch can detect subtle changes in people's heartbeat, which could mean that the person has the virus for up to a week before they start feeling sick. "Our goal was to use tools to identify infections at the time of infection or before people knew they were sick," said Rob Hirten, study author and assistant professor of medicine at Mount Sinai. CBS News. The stud...
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Apple Watch pre-watchOS prototype reported to appear

A look at a prototype Apple Watch running pre-watchOS software has apparently hit the internet. In photos discovered by Twitter account Apple Demo, the wearable is covered by a security sleeve that hides the form factor of the watch. This aligns with Apple's trend to hide hardware in the process of work in special boxes so that employees trying it out in the wild don't leak their design. The prototype Apple Watch with safety case runs an internal Pre-WatchOS 1.0 build, complete with internal test applications and development settings. It is extremely surprising that something like this can still exist; without having been destroyed. #appleinternal - Apple Demo (@AppleDemoYT) December 27, 2020 Also, t...
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Apple Watch Cardio Fitness, Family Share and Apple Fitness + are now available in Canada

iOS 14.3 and watchOS 7.2, the latest version of Apple's iPhone and Apple Watch operating systems, are now available in Canada. Although iOS 14.3 includes the expected stability improvements, Apple's watchOS 7.2 update is a bit more interesting. The update adds a new 'Cardio Fitness' feature to the Apple Watch that measures VO2 max, or the maximum oxygen your body can consume during exercise. This measurement is done over time, and the Apple Watch and iPhone then send notifications to users about changes in the maximum VO2 level. Cardio Fitness information is available through the Apple Activity app on the Apple Watch and the Health app on the iPhone. You can review your Cardio Fitness information compared to other people in the s...
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New Apple Watch owners in Canada don’t see 3-month Fitness + tests

Apple launched Fitness + today And while existing Apple Watch users get a free trial month, which is part of a limited time offer, new Apple Watch Series 3 or later customers are supposed to get 3 months of free service. But new Apple Watch owners have gotten in touch iPhone in Canada say that this is not the case at the moment, despite update all devices to iOS 14.3 and watchOS 7. “Three months of Apple Fitness + is included for customers who purchase Apple Watch Series 3 or later, and one month of Fitness + is included for existing Apple Watch users,” Apple explains. The terms and conditions of the offer state: "Redeem your free 3 months in the Fitness app as soon as Apple Fitness + launches", which is of course today. “Offer must be claimed in Fitness app within 3 months o...
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Apple Watch ‘Family Setup’ to launch in Canada with Bell soon

Following its launch in the US Along with the release of the Apple Watch Series 6 and SE, Apple Watch 'Family Setup' is coming to Canada via Bell. This provides communication, health, fitness and safety features for children and seniors who may not have an iPhone or cannot set up an Apple Watch on their own. Through Family Settings, a parent's iPhone can manage a child's ability to connect with family and friends, make phone calls, send messages, track activity, and more. On the seniors side, tools like Emergency SOS can be accessed through the feature. "We are pleased to partner with Apple to be the first in Canada to offer Family Setup," said Claire Gillies, president of Bell Mobility, in a recent statement. “Family Setup is an...
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M1 MacBook and Apple Watch with a new design that is supposed to arrive in 2021

Despite launching three new Mac devices with their own proprietary ARM-based M1 chip, the MacBook Air, the 13-inch MacBook Pro, and the Mac mini, the computers look identical to their Intel counterparts. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an often-trusted KGI Securities analyst, Apple is gearing up to redesign its MacBook and Apple Watch lineup in the second half of 2021. It's unclear whether the M1-powered Mac mini will get a redesign as well. Beyond stating that a new design is coming, Kuo doesn't go into more detail about Apple's upcoming M1 Mac and the Apple Watch's cosmetic change. It makes sense for Apple to finally change the look of the Apple Watch given that, in addition to reducing its bezels with the launch of the Apple Watch...
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Apple quietly launches new Apple Watch Solo Loop and Sport Bands

Amid the reveal of its new M1-powered Mac computers, Apple also quietly released several new Apple Watch Solo Loop and Sport Band colors. The new shades include a very orange 'Chinese orange, 'a blue color called'North blue'and a deep purple called'plum. These colors are only available for Sport band and loop Solo for Apple Watch. For example, the Apple Watch Single loop braided band It is still only available in the same colors, including 'Inverness Green', 'Atlantic Blue', 'Pink Punch' and more, as it was when it was released alongside the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE. While the Apple Watch Sport Band features a clasp, the new Solo Loop comes in several different sizes and slides over the wearer's wrist. These new Band colors are likely part of Apple's winter accesso...
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FDA Approves Apple Watch App Treating PTSD-Related Nightmares

The FDA has approved an Apple Watch app called 'NightWare', which could help treat users' PTSD-related nightmares. NightWare essentially detects body movement and heart rate during sleep. This data is sent to the NightWare server and creates a unique sleep pattern for users. When the app detects that a user is experiencing a nightmare based on its analysis of heart rate and body movement, the system will vibrate the device in response to interrupt bad dreams, but will not actually wake them up. It is important to note that NightWare is only available by prescription, is not a stand-alone treatment, and must be used in conjunction with medications. Users known to "misbehave" during sleep are not advised to use Apple Watch therapy....
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Spotify adds standalone streaming support to the Apple Watch app

Spotify has confirmed that it is beginning to roll out support for standalone streaming on its Apple Watch app. The new feature allows users to listen to Spotify content over a Wi-Fi or cellular connection without being tethered to their iPhone. This feature has been a long time to come, especially for customers who want to put their iPhone down when exercising or at other times when they don't want to take it with them. With the standalone streaming feature, users will be able to stream directly from their Apple Watch. A spokesperson for Spotify said TechCrunch in a statement that Spotify is "focused on developing experiences that allow users to listen to Spotify wherever and whenever they want, regardless of device or platfor...