Wednesday, November 25

Apple Music TV

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Apple Music Launches 24-Hour Free Music Video Channel, Apple Music TV

Apple Music has launched a new free 24/7 music video channel within its app called Apple Music TV. According to Variety, the channel, which will be located in the Browse tab within the Apple Music application and will be available on Apple TV, will be in front of the service's pay wall and will broadcast live music videos, as well as some short and long formats. -formulate videos and interviews from within your Apple Music 1 radio infrastructure as well. It will also be a place where new music videos are premiered, and the first releases will arrive this Friday, October 23 with Joji's “777” and SAINt JHN's “Gorgeous”. At launch, Apple Music TV will be available in the US only. "A great list of artists sampled on a typical day would be Drake, Dua Lipa, BTS, Billie Eilish, a c...