Tuesday, October 20


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Adobe releases Illustrator on iPad

Adobe released today the first public version of its Illustrator vector graphics application on the iPad. Illustrator on iPad is Adobe's popular desktop vector drawing app reimagined for iPad and Apple Pencil. The application integrates with Adobe's Creative Cloud service, allowing users to get their work done from any device. Adobe has created a context-sensitive interaction model that, along with the same touch shortcut user interface that was first seen in Photoshop for iPad with the Apple Pencil, provides a rich and flexible set of tools for illustrators. The breadth and depth of the tools and options Adobe offers comes with an initial learning curve. However, Adobe has provided a set of tutorials and ways to learn from others that make it easy to learn the basics, so y...
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Former Googler Marc Levoy joins Adobe to work on universal camera app

Marc Levoy, the researcher responsible for the excellent camera used in the Google Pixel phones, has joined Adobe. According to The Verge, Adobe says Levoy will build a ‘universal camera app.’ It’s not immediately clear what this means — The Verge suggested it could refer to an app platform that companies like Facebook or Snapchat could leverage to make their camera apps. Alternatively, it could refer to an app or software that works across say, a smartphone camera and DSLR. Adobe wasn’t able to define the term for The Verge. Levoy will work on computational photography initiatives across Adobe. Adobe told The Verge that Levoy would work with the Photoshop Camera, Adobe Research and Sensei AI teams in an email statement. Before Ado...