Thursday, October 22


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Apple acquires Mobeewave, a Montreal-based startup

Apple acquired Montreal-based 'Mobeewave', a startup that developed software to turn iPhones into mobile payment terminals. As reported by BloombergApple bought the Canadian company for approximately $ 100 million dollars (about $ 134 million CAD), according to sources familiar with the matter. Mobeewave technology enables shoppers to take advantage of their credit cards or smartphones on another phone to process a payment. Additionally, the system works with an application and does not require hardware other than a near field communications (NFC) chip. IPhones have included NFC chips since 2014. The startup had dozens of employees, which Apple reportedly kept. They continue to work outside of Montreal. "Apple buys smaller tec...
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Nvidia reportedly talks about buying ARM from SoftBank

SoftBank has reportedly considered selling the British chip designer ARM. Nvidia is allegedly in "advanced talks" to buy ARM and is said to be the only company involved in concrete discussions. According to BloombergThe deal could be worth more than $ 32 billion dollars ($ 42.8 billion CAD). Almost all of the major tech companies use ARM chip designs in some way. Qualcomm and Apple use ARM for mobile chips, and Apple also plans to move its Mac computers to ARM starting this year. Microsoft also used ARM-based chips on the Surface Pro X. Even Nvidia has used ARM designs to make its Tegra mobile CPUs, which power the Nintendo Switch. The agreement between Nvidia and SoftBank could come in the coming weeks, although it has not ye...