Friday, October 30

’90 Day Fiancé: the other way

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‘Everything in 90 days’: Kenneth plans a romantic proposal for Armando (Exclusive)

By Antoinette Bueno‍, 6 seconds ago Kenneth is putting a ring on her! In this exclusive clip from Monday's new episode of "Boyfriend of 90 days: the other way ", Kenneth prepares to propose to her her boyfriend, Armando, for whom he moved to Mexico from Florida. In the video, Kenneth, 57, tells Armando off guard that he is taking a trip to the bank and opening an account, although what he is really doing is going to a hotel to pick up two of his four children, Taylor and Cassidy. . who will be there for the proposal. Kenneth says that Armando, 31, has no idea that he is going to propose to her.Kenneth then takes his daughters to the beach where he goes to ask the question, and says that he has been looking forward to this day "a long time"...