Thursday, October 22


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YouTube 4K content is now available on Apple TV

For years, Apple's Apple TV 4K has been unable to play YouTube content in 4K, while cheaper streaming devices easily push high-resolution YouTube videos. Now that tvOS 14 is available, Apple's cable box can play 4K video which, unfortunately, is locked at 30fps. Videos and 60fps content that include high dynamic range (HDR) are not yet supported on Apple TV, according to The edge. Google also said The edge which is working to bring 4K support to the iPhone and iPad "soon," possibly indicating that the functionality will arrive sometime in the next few weeks alongside the launch of the iPhone 12 series. Apple hasn't updated the Apple TV in over three years, so similar to the situation with the iPhone and iPad, there's a chance that 4K 60fps HDR support will...
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Only some new Macs will get 4K Netflix with macOS Big Sur

One of the highlights of the next macOS update is that Apple will finally support Netflix 4K playback. However, it was recently revealed that only newer Mac models with the T2 security chip will be able to consume high-resolution Netflix. Macs built with this chip included are the following: iMac (2020) iMac Pro Mac Pro (2019) Mac mini (2018) MacBook Air (2018 or later) MacBook Pro (2018 or later) No other Macs will support 4K Netflix on their displays if it is capable or if it is sent to an external 4K monitor. If you follow not sure if your Mac has the T2 chip, you can also hold down the 'Option' key while clicking on the 'Apple' logo in the upper left corner of the screen for more options. Once you open this secret menu, navigate down to 'Controller' or...