Saturday, October 31

25 percent wireless plan reduction

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Government releases first report tracking 25 percent wireless plan reduction commitment

The government has released its first quarterly report tracking the progress of its commitment to reduce the cost of wireless plans in the 2GB to 6GB range by 25 percent over the next two years. It reveals that in the majority of Canadian provinces, the 25 percent reduction target has not yet been met for mid-range plans between February and June. Prices in Quebec are the only exception, as the cost of 2GB and 4GB data plans in the province were already lower than the January 2020 benchmark prices. For context, the benchmark price, or the price to which the 25 percent reduction will apply, is based on prices advertised on company websites in early 2020 for post-paid, bring your own device (BYOD), unlimited talk and text 4G/LTE plans in the 2 to 6GB range. The benchmark for 2GB plans...