• Gustavo Cruz, leader of the Zona Rika group, breaks the silence.
  • Clarifies what happened with the murder of his brother Jaime Cruz, the group’s lead singer.
  • “Only he knows what happened, and he already took it to heaven,” he said.

After the news was released about the shooting murder of Jaime Cruz, better known as Jimmy Cruz, vocalist of the group Zona Rika, his brother and leader of the group, Gustavo Cruz speaks about it.

Through a Youtube video of Image Television, the first words of the leader of the group were shared, about what happened with his deceased brother.

During the broadcast, the drivers asked Gustavo first of all, what happened? To which he replied, “It is very difficult, it caught us all by surprise, especially the family, and we are very sad, Knowing what happened is very difficult, I think he knows it, and he already took all that to heaven ”.


Later, the leader of the group was told that there are always impediments to not giving the show and that the client must always give an advance, but if they cannot present the money is returned, elements of the group are not murdered.

To which Gustavo Cruz affirmed that they did not kill him for that, since the contracts are handled by him, and he always authorizes them himself, clarifying that the death of his vocalist and brother was not due to a date, but that only Jimmy knew what I pass.

Gustavo Cruz group leader Zona Rika 2



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“He has children, he has my niece Dayana who is in Colombia, like every genius artist to the grave, I adored him, I loved him, they took him half his life, he worked with me all his life and he was my right hand,” said Cruz about his deceased brother.



It should be remembered that Jaime Cruz Pastrana was shot on different occasions when he was in the streets of the Jardines de Morelos neighborhood, last Friday night.

Gustavo Cruz group leader Zona Rika 3


His brother, leader of the Zona Rika group, Gustavo Cruz, was asked if there is an investigation folder, to find out the reason for the murder of the group’s vocalist.

“No, only when I found out the first thing I did was go to my mother, so that she would not find out from the media, I even turned off the phones, I went for her, I took her to the apartment and it took 4 hours to tell her what I had. past, if they are investigating the truth, I don’t know or want to know, ”said Gustavo.

He also clarified that he did not like that they published the photographs of his brother’s body lying on the floor, and that he never received any threat from anyone, since they only focus on new projects.

Finally he said that it is a very great pain, because he was his brother and he always guided him on the right path as an older brother was his responsibility.

murder (Twitter)

murder (Twitter)

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After the terrible murder of the singer of Zona Rika, strong images are filtered

After the terrible murder of Jaime Cruz Pastrana, better known as Jimmy Cruz, is reported, the strong images of the performance of the singer of Zona Rika are filtered.


Through the official account of Twitter by journalist Carlos Jiménez, a photograph of Jimmy Cruz’s body lying face down on the sidewalk was shown:

“They killed the vocalist of Zona Rika. There, Jaime Cruz Pastrana was left without life. They shot him on different occasions when he was in the streets of the Jardines de Morelos neighborhood. The Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Mexico is already investigating ”.

In another publication, also available on social networks, the following can be read: “The vocalist of the musical group Zona Rika, Jaime Cruz Pastrana, better known as El Jimmy, was executed last Friday afternoon at lot 49 in the eastern part of the municipality of Tultitlán.

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