New evening of events in Barcelona, ​​the sixth in a row organized for protest against the detention of a rapper, Pablo Hasél, condemned for remarks which greatly displeased the Spanish crown and government.

The protests again escalated into clashes with the police and several people were arrested.

“I am here, said a young man in Catalan, because I consider it unfair to imprison a singer who expresses his ideas through music “.

“I believe that we live in a repressive and police state, adds a young woman in the same language, and I am here to claim civil and political rights ”.

More than a hundred people were arrested during the protests that started last week.

Pablo Hasél, 32, was sentenced to nine months in prison for apologizing for terrorism for comments made a few years ago about the royal family, described as mafia, the Spanish state, “fascist”, or violent charges against the police, who “torture” and “murder”. But these are his slippages concerning former armed groups of the extreme left which earned him his prison sentence.

Many have made him a symbol of freedom of expression and several artists like Pedro Almodovar and Javier Bardem now support him.

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