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Josep Borrell, high representative of EU Foreign Policy, thanked Spain on Tuesday for the offer it has made in Brussels to coordinate the arrival of Afghans who for years worked in Afghanistan for community institutionsas well as their families. Brussels estimates that in total there will be about 400 people, which will be flown to Spain to obtain a international protection visa. From there, it will be decided in which EU country they settle as refugees, although the Pedro Sánchez Government has offered to host between 40 and 60 of them.

Borrell said Tuesday that the Taliban “have won the war” in Afghanistan and that we must “deal with them.” “If I want 400 people, Afghans and their families, who have worked with us and the EU delegations, to arrive at the airport, you have to understand that I have to talk to them“, he insisted.

“It is not a question of official recognition, but of dealing with them. We have to get involved with them and, at the same time, be very vigilant with respect to the international obligations to which the Taliban have committed in the last 15 years, “said the head of European diplomacy at the end of the meeting.

Borrell’s announcement comes as the Afghan translators and employees of the Spanish Embassy in Kabul have been hiding in their houses since last weekend, waiting for a call that does not arrive to take a plane to Spain.

The two A400M aircraft sent by Spain remain in Dubai, waiting to be able to set course for Kabul when they receive the order, while the lives of Afghan translators and employees are in danger after having collaborated with a foreign embassy.

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