100,000 Hydro-Québec customers without power

Just over 100,000 Hydro-Quebec customers are without power early Friday evening due to strong winds blowing over part of the province. The Montreal region is particularly affected with 33,402 customers affected. In the Laurentians, 27,000 customers are without electricity. Strong winds caused damage and #breakdowns in the Laurentians, Montreal, Montérégie and Outaouais regions for more […]

Return of in-person services for Good Friday

In-person services for Good Friday have returned. St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Kitchener was one of many able to hold a service to mark the holiday for the first time since 2019. “Easter, being able to share it with others in the same presence, it’s like having a party and finally you’re able to have […]

Mike Bossy: Canucks remember their 1982 nemesis

Breadcrumb Trail Links Vancouver Canucks Sports NHL Hockey Stan Smyl remembers Mike Bossy for his skill, his toughness and for sticking to his guns about how the game should be played. Publishing date: Apr 15, 2022 • 12 minutes ago • 3 minute read • Join the conversation Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame inductee and […]

Vaughn Palmer: NDP government lacking transparency in handling of COVID-19 pandemic, says Andrew Weaver

Breadcrumb Trail Links politics Opinion Columnists “I wish that the government were forthright a few months ago, saying that they were giving up on preventing spread and moving into ‘herd immunity’ mode. The poor communication of public health intentions undermines confidence in our health leaders.” — Andrew Weaver Former BC Green leader Andrew Weaver. Photo […]

Indigenous hockey teams face off at Lethbridge tournament

Dozens of Indigenous youth laced up their skates for a special hockey tournament taking place this weekend in Lethbridge. The Alberta Treaty Hockey Association’s (ATHA) Treaty Games offers an opportunity for young Indigenous hockey players to highlight their skills and enjoy some friendly competition. Six arenas, throughout the city of Lethbridge, will be used for […]

Mike Bossy: the man at the forefront of the legend

Mike Bossy and toujours priorisé le chandail avant are nom au dos du gilet des Islanders. Il avait la même philosophie avec sa dernière équipe de him, celle de TVA Sports où il servait d’analyste. • Also read: Les hommages pleuvent pour Mike Bossy • Also read: Mike Bossy (1957-2022): the rançon de la gloire […]