Wednesday, December 1

March 25N advances towards the Zócalo to demand an end to violence against women

Thousands of women demonstrated this Thursday in Mexico City to demand an end to gender violence in a country shaken in recent years by a spiral of murders of women.

“They did not die, they killed them,” read one of the banners of this march called as part of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Feminicide Mexico! They are killing us! “A protester claimed in the middle of a brief brush with the police.

The crowd, which formed a huge block of black clothes with flashes of purple, the color of feminism, he concentrated on Paseo de la Reforma, to start his march towards the Zócalo.

The contingent advanced to the shout of “Not one less!” to demand an end to gender violence, which kills an average of 10 women daily in the country, according to official figures and UN estimates.

Since 2019 there have been more than 10,700 murders of women, according to official figures.

President Andres Manuel López Obrador she has criticized feminist marches on different occasions, arguing that they are promoted by her “opponents” to “affect” her government.

Monuments and shops woke up protected by high fences to prevent them from being vandalized, in addition to some 1,500 policewomen were deployed equipped with shields to maintain order.

On the way, some friction broke out when small groups of protesters armed with hammers tried to snatch the shields from the police, who repelled them by throwing bombs with irritating gases, AFP confirmed.

In their advance, some of the protesters carried out destruction and graffiti, in addition to others improvising with chemical fire-throwers, which were repelled with fire extinguishers by the uniformed women.

Before the start of the march, a group managed to cross the protections in the National Palace, in the Zócalo, to place numerous pink crosses on one of the monumental doors of the enclosure.

Observers from civil organizations joined the protest to verify that there were no abuses by the forces of order and to mediate so that friction with the police did not escalate.

In Madrid thousands took to the streets, while in Guatemala the march brought together hundreds of women. Other marches were called in Chile, Venezuela and Uruguay.

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