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JK Rowling or feminist coherence in the face of threat, by Carmen Domingo

“Three transactivists publish a photo on the door of the house of JK Rowling as a result of which he receives death threats & rdquor ;; “The public health service treats girls who do not like dolls as transgender & rdquor; and “The Brit Awards eliminate the female and male categories to be as inclusive as possible & rdquor ;. The three headlines of these news were published on the same double page of the newspaper ‘Telegraph’, on November 23.

What is the connecting link for them to be published together? The erasing women.

Let’s focus on the first one.

The day before, on JK Rowling’s Twitter, we could read: “I have received so many death threats that I could paper the house with them and I have not stopped talking & rdquor ;.

JK Rowling, threatened with death? Do you want the British writer with more than 500 million books sold to shut up? The author of the well-known Harry Potter saga? What would she have done or said to be threatened with death?

Days before it had been known that she had not been invited to the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the premiere of the Harry Potter film saga. The reason for removing it? Transactivism has her in the spotlight, due to some statements she made in 2019.

At the time, JK Rowling, a radical feminist, after hearing about the firing of Maya Fostater for saying that a man was a man, did not hesitate to tweet: “Dress however you want. Call yourself whatever you want. Sleep with the adult next to you. Live life the best you can in peace and safety. But fire a woman from her job for claiming that sex is real?

After the avalanche of insults received, JK Rowling felt that she should explain herself and published an article ⎯’Reasons for speaking out on Sex and Gender Issues’⎯ in which she argued that sex matters, it exists and women need segregated spaces to feel comfortable. Something that, incidentally, is not even an opinion, it is empirical evidence that, without going any further, is unfortunately found every November 25, the day against sexist violence.

However, it is not fashionable among the new progressives ‘woke’ or to defend women ⎯females of the female sex⎯, nor, much less, to say it in public, thus transgender collectives, and individualities, taking advantage of the situation and showing off of a rather masculine attack, incidentally, they dedicated themselves, and are dedicated, to threaten the author with death for defending the existence of biological sex.

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Crisis of freedom of expression? Dominance of ideological fundamentalism? Power of individualist neoliberalism? “Perhaps the best way to show that your movement is not a threat to women is to stop harassing and threatening us,” advises JK Rowling.

It is clear. If a consecrated and successful writer receives threats for saying that biological sex exists, if we say that girls who do not like dolls are no longer women and if male singers are not differentiated from female singers in musical awards feminine, it seems clear that there is interest in erase women.

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