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Before AMLO’s decree for megaworks, urban planners ask for planning and transparency

After the publication of the presidential decree that declares federal projects as national security, the country’s urban planners indicated that said agreement is violation of the Political Constitution and they asked for there to be a participatory and transparent planning on these works.

According to the Mexican Association of Urban Planners, headed by Juan Kaye López, these works must guarantee the best use and exploitation of the territory in order to trigger development and build better cities, which would translate into raising people’s quality of life.

“This action must never run over our Constitution. On the contrary, it must respond to participatory and transparent planning processes, within the current constitutional framework, that guarantee the best use and exploitation of our territory and exercise of human rights ”, can be read in a statement issued by said association.

In this context, the association asked the federal government to consider canceling said agreement that was published on November 22.

According to the association, this agreement goes against the Constitution for two reasons:

  • It invades the powers of the legislature by establishing exceptional situations not provided for in current legal regulations.
  • It suspends without foundation the application of laws, regulations and procedures in matters such as the environment, communications, economic competition, due process and prior consultation, among others, fundamental for the exercise of human rights and the development of our regions and cities.

It should be noted that the head of the Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (Sedatu) commented to EconoHábitat that it is a priority of this agency to stimulate urban development in the surroundings of the four strategic projects of the federal government: Maya Trend, the Corredor Transístmico, Felipe Angeles airport and the Dos Bocas refinery.

In this sense, Roman Meyer Falcon He explained that the agency under his charge has invested about 14,000 million pesos to revitalize the urban environment, with various strategies, from land regularization to housing actions in those regions.

“We seek planning as the main instrument, accompanied by the provision of equipment, public spaces, basic services, improvements in homes in the areas surrounding these interventions and the regularization of land tenure,” said the head of the Sedatu.

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