Friday, December 3

AGES: 7-day incidence at 1,075.9

According to the Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES), the 7-day incidence, i.e. the number of new infections with the coronavirus in the past seven days per 100,000 inhabitants, is 1,075.9 (as of today, 2 p.m.).

Salzburg remains ahead with an incidence of 1,638.3, followed by Upper Austria with 1,577.4. The 7-day incidence is still lowest in Vienna (603.1) and Burgenland (700.7).

The AGES reporting scheme shows the figures from the previous day – like the report from the ministries. Significant difference to the ministry reports: Laboratory-confirmed cases, deaths, etc. are not shown at the time of reporting, but on the date of diagnosis or death. In the presentation in, it is also made transparent on a daily basis which days the newly reported cases are assigned to.

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Ministries report 15,365 new infections

The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Interior have reported 13,592 newly registered CoV cases within the last 24 hours (as of today, 9:30 a.m.). The federal states reported these figures to the national crisis team.

So far, 12,233 people have died as a result of the coronavirus. There are currently 3,246 people in hospital treatment due to the coronavirus, 619 of them in intensive care units.

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