Sunday, October 17

Reader’s Letter: The need for street lighting in certain Windsor neighborhoods should not be ignored

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With so many children in this city, you’d think there would be enough streetlights in our neighborhoods.

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Specifically, two areas, near Roseland Golf Course and Victoria Boulevard, there are none.

As a 15-year-old girl who often cycled, I have observed during the summer how unsafe it can be to ride a bike through a neighborhood without streetlights at night.

Why are these two neighborhoods still without public lighting? Both are full of children who are often walking, cycling, scooting, etc. Cars often turn a corner very quickly and spotting a pedestrian can be very difficult in the dark.

The city must find a way to put streetlights in these areas to avoid accidents.

I believe that streetlights are much more important than many things our city has invested money for. I think adding these streetlight assets will bring much more comfort to the parents and children who live in these neighborhoods.

Protect our future generation.

Carina Fraser, Windsor

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