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Enrique Guzmán message granddaughter: Throw a strong message to Frida Sofia

  • The singer makes strong statements about the death of his granddaughter’s sister
  • The reporters asked him for a few words about Frida Sofia and he answered curtly
  • He mentioned that it’s all about ‘karma’

Terrible comment? Singer Enrique Guzmán experienced a bad moment, when he was at the conference to announce the return of Jesus Christ Superstar and at the end the journalists approached the rocker, asking him about the questions of his personal life and just at that moment, one of them asked about his granddaughter, Frida Sofía.


The man quickly changed his mood and began to behave curtly with the reporters who were on the scene. But, it was one of the questions that surprised Guzmán and the answer has caused the indignation of all Internet users, because it was a question with the deceased sister of Frida Sofía.

Enrique Guzmán message granddaughter: A strong message

Photo: Instagram

There is a clip that has spread through social networks and caused the anger of the Hispanic public. In the video, it is shown how Enrique Guzmán is surrounded by the media and several begin to ask him about his personal life; But, there is a specific question that showed that the family feud runs its course.

The response that Enrique Guzmán offered set fire to social networks and the defenses in favor of Frida Sofía, they were present again. The singer seemed indifferent when he was informed of the death of the sister of Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter and assured that he had been part of the ‘Karma’ that follows the young woman for the accusations launched against her. Filed Under: Enrique Guzmán message granddaughter

Enrique Guzmán message granddaughter: “She is not of the family”

Enrique Guzmán message granddaughter: "She is not one of the family"
Photo: Instagram

Another reporter had reported on the loss suffered by the young woman, but the singer mentioned that this issue did not correspond to him because Frida Sofía was not part of his family; The response bothered the media, but confirmed that there are still problems with members of the Guzmán family.

He recently went through the death of his sister… ”, mentioned one of the reporters who was at the scene. “It’s very easy, she is no longer part of the family, for me she is no longer part. ”, Confirmed the rock singer in Spanish to the media. Although minutes later he would give the answer that would annoy many people on social networks. Filed Under: Enrique Guzmán message granddaughter

Enrique Guzmán message granddaughter: Karma

Enrique Guzmán message granddaughter: Karma
Photo: Instagram

The artist surprised the media when he answered one of the questions about the death of Frida Sofía’s sister, who died a couple of days ago. The man replied curtly, mentioning that it was all about ‘karma’ and that for this reason the young woman was suffering the death of her half sister.

“Recently Frida’s half-sister died, are there any words for this unfortunate event?” Said the reporter to the artist who changed the words annoyed by the mention of his granddaughter. “Frida’s half-sister? Ah, karma, is karma, daughter. ”, Said the man for the press, at that moment a woman ended the meeting between the singer and the press. Filed Under: Enrique Guzmán message granddaughter

Enrique Guzmán message granddaughter: Did they give you money?

Enrique Guzmán message granddaughter: Did they give you money?
Photo: Instagram

Before the answers that would mark a discomfort between the press and the entertainment media, the singer was asked if it was true that Frida Sofía had been given money to stop the lawsuit that had been filed against him and Alejandra Guzmán, the rocker reported that it was a lie and that no one should believe the notes of TVNotas.

Mr. Enrique, what they had said, that you had offered money to Frida? “, A member of the press questioned the singer on his turn. “It is not true, it is not true, it is a difficult magazine to understand. ”Guzmán replied with annoyance to the press who was present at the announcement of the return of Jesus Christ Superstar. Filed Under: Enrique Guzmán message granddaughter

Enrique Guzmán granddaughter message: Will there be reconciliation?

Enrique Guzmán granddaughter message: Will there be reconciliation?
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When questioned about a possible “reconciliation,” Guzmán quickly denied the possibility offered by the media. He replied that for his part there would be no way for him to change his relationship with his granddaughter Frida Sofía and that it would not give rise to a possible reconciliation with the young woman.

Do you trust there is an arrangement? ”Was the question asked by the media. “Nerd. If she made an accusation, she must present evidence for that. “, Replied the singer, denying the possibility of settling both in the family and in the lawsuit that is in process in Mexico City. Filed Under: Enrique Guzmán message granddaughter

The annoyance of Internet users

The annoyance of Internet users
Photo: Instagram

It was the account of Ines Moreno, who shared the interview they did with Enrique Guzmán at the conference that was held to announce the return of Jesus Christ Superstar and where it occurred is uncomfortable situation. After its publication, in the comments section, users have not stopped responding against Alejandra Guzmán’s father.

“What an unfortunate comment from the man, one thing is the behavior of Frida and quite apart the death of the girl. How sad! ”, Mentioned a follower of the Univisión correspondent before the curt response of Enrique Guzmán. “Poor unhappy,” another person replied, in the video that was shared.

“That’s why he hates it”

"That's why he hates it"
Photo: Instagram

Some of the users mentioned that perhaps the reason why Frida is upset with her grandfather is not only because of the touching that the young woman said she had suffered from her grandfather, but also because of the hurtful comments that her grandfather makes at times. so painful, while other people say that with those words he only proves what Frida said.

“I think that’s why the granddaughter Frida hates him, because of the way he is !!”, a netizen commented in the comments section of the video. What an ugly comment. May God forgive him, those are the people they have in theaters, abusers ”, mentioned another follower. “These actions suggest that what Frida says may be true. Too bad for Enrique ”, said the users. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Natasha’s passing

"Thank you for always being there";  Frida Sofía in mourning after the death of her sister Natasha
Photo: Instagram

The person to whom the reporters referred and by whom Frida Sofía’s grandfather mentioned that he is part of the ‘karma’ is Natasha Moctezuma, half-sister of Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter. The young woman died on September 2, her causes are still unknown but rumors have not stopped emerging.

In the midst of a legal battle against her maternal grandfather, the singer Enrique Guzmán, for allegedly having touched him improperly when he was just 5 years old, Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter, Frida Sofía, is involved in another terrible tragedy, at the make it known that his stepsister, Natasha Moctezuma has just passed away at a very young age

Suffered from a disease

Frida Sofía in mourning after the death of her sister Natasha
Photo: Instagram

According to the magazine TvNotas, It was reported that Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter, Frida Sofía is currently going through an extremely sad time for her and her family, since the death of her sister Natasha Moctezuma, daughter of Pablo Moctezuma, Frida’s father, and Beatriz was announced. Pasquel.

According to the Mexican portal, Natasha died this September 2, who despite the fact that the causes of her death are not known, it was reported that the influencer’s sister was fighting a disease, which directly affected her lung, and according to unveiled in 2017, he also suffered from epilepsy.

Natasha’s fight

She was positive about the disease;  Frida Sofía in mourning after the death of her sister Natasha
Photo: Instagram

The portal TvNotas, He commented that a year ago, Natasha Moctezuma, Frida Sofía’s sister, was very positive about her disease, commenting through her social networks that she would fight her condition until she was well off it, arguing that she believed in her and that I always would:

“Today more than ever I believe in myself, in my ability, and in my talent for languages, in my security and love for me, in my strength, because life has put me many health tests and I have beaten everything, because I know that I will continue to beat him ”, wrote at that time the sister of Frida Sofía, who unfortunately passed away on September 2.

“My favorite person”

"You are my favorite person in the whole universe";  Frida Sofía in mourning after the death of her sister Natasha
Photo: Instagram

TvNotas, He also brought out the words that Frida Sofía, Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter, had dedicated to her sister before her death was known, arguing that Natasha Moctezuma was undoubtedly her favorite person in the whole world, arguing that she always saw a consolation due who listened to her and never judged her:

In her Instagram account, accompanied by several photographs of them, the Mexican wrote: “Beautiful… you have taught me SO MUCH about life… you are my FAVORITE PERSON IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE, you are the strongest, the most intelligent, the most generous and you have such a big heart and full of PURE love! ”.

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