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Silvia Caballol, the erotic-satanic novel writer who has made Bishop Novell hang up his habits

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“A person who yearns to live life to the fullest, without any doubt, a seeker of new emotions and sensations.” This is how it is defined Silvia Caballol, the new partner of the ex-bishop of Solsona Xavier Novell. The always controversial prelate recently left his post in the Catholic Church citing “personal reasons” and has begun a romantic relationship with this writer of erotic novels.

Born in 1983, Caballol is dedicated to psychology, a degree that she studied at the Autonomous University of Barcelona before doing the same with a postgraduate degree in psychology.

Also, as he says in one of his books, “he has taken courses in sexology, anti-stress techniques and yoga, among others.”

This woman is considered an inveterate reader of romantic and erotic novels. You have published at least two ‘Amnesia trilogy’ (2016), where he wrote the words reflected above, and ‘The Hell of Gabriel’s Lust: the first cardinal sin against being‘ (2017).

Divorced and with two children, Caballol was born in Súria and lived for a time in Morocco with her ex-partner. After the divorce he returned to Barcelona, where he has resided more assiduously throughout his life. Will now live in Manresa with Xavier Novell.

According to the website of ‘Lacre, Insólitas editorial group’, Caballol “the quality that most values ​​in people is creativity and critical capacity in the face of life and internalized dogmas”.

In his latest published book, Caballol delves into sects, psychology, sadism, moral duties, the opposition of God and the devil, among other aspects. “The reader will be transported (…) towards the unreality of immortality and the raw struggle between good and evil, between God and Satan, and between angels and demons.”

This is achieved through two characters, Gabriel and Helena. “The author will shake us again in a whirlwind of sensations where will put in check, once again, with direct language and an unpublished plot, our moral system, our values ​​and our religious beliefs“.

Now, her love life is in the limelight due to her union with Xavier Novell, whose resignation for personal reasons a few dates ago has been related to her love.

Novell is used to being in the arena for a variety of reasons. After being the Oyoungest bishop in Spain In holding this position, the former Solsona has upset the most progressive wing of the Spanish Church – for his comments against homosexuality or abortion – and the most conservative – for their support of the self-determination consultations.

Novell and his resignation

The relationship between Novell and Caballol has been known for the advance published by Digital Religion these days. Until now, the personal reasons why the bishop left his post in the Church are unknown. However, the aforementioned media assures that the resignation was due to love.

So far, the prelate’s biggest controversies were motivated by his words.

Why is the homosexuality?asked the bishop in a parish letter. He questioned “whether the growing phenomenon of confusion in the sexual orientation of many adolescent boys is not due to the fact that, in Western culture, the figure of the father would be symbolically absent, deviated, blurred”.

“Every child has the right to receive the love of a mother and a father, both necessary for their complete and harmonious maturation –of the minor– “, he assured through his epistle. ‘Love that becomes fruitful’ was the letter published by the parish priest.

“In a time like ours, it must be revealed that serene and balanced growth is very difficult if there is a lack of parents who exercise their educational function from the feminine maternal and masculine paternal identity”, continued Novell, whose current love has two children of one previous marriage.

His letters also made mention of Catalan ‘process’. “The 1978 Constitution should be applied in such a way as to make it possible for the nations that make up Spain to freely decide their future,” wrote the one who was the youngest bishop of Spain.

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