Friday, September 24

Record participation in the 23rd census

Despite “scam attempts” and “disinformation” efforts, Statistics Canada set the world record for online participation in a state population census in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To date, some 84% of households have completed their census questionnaires on the Web, placing Canada as a “leader” in organizing virtual censuses, says the national statistics agency.

In total, some 96.6% of Canadians met their obligation to complete the census questionnaire online or on paper, says Statistics Canada. “The 2021 Census will provide us with high-quality data with enough detail to inform decision-making for many years to come,” federal agency spokesperson Kossi Djani said in an email exchange with The duty.

“False or fraudulent information” circulating on the Web and “rumors” such as that that Statistics Canada has “subcontracted the software and equipment for processing Canadian census data to a subsidiary of a weapons manufacturer American ”did not cut the momentum of the 23e Canada’s national census, he adds.

The detailed questionnaires saved

The Conservative Party will not play the spoilsport by promising during the next election campaign to return to the charge to abolish the mandatory long-form questionnaire, promises the team of the leader of the official opposition in the House of Commons, Erin O’Toole.

If the vote wins, the Conservatives would not emulate the Harper government. The latter had replaced the long form with mandatory participation by the National Household Survey, with voluntary participation, in 2010. The Trudeau government had reversed the controversial measure as soon as it took control of the Canadian state in 2015.

The response rate to the long-form questionnaire amounts to the latest news at 95.75% compared to 68.6% in 2011 (under Harper) and 97.8% in 2016 (under Trudeau). “This rate [de 95,75 %] is preliminary. We are still collecting forms and processing questionnaires, ”says the head of media relations on the 2021 Census, Peter Frayne.

To boost the participation rate in the census, the Statistics Canada team conducts follow-ups by telephone or in person – in accordance with the instructions of Public Health, he specifies – with those who do not. ” having not yet answered, and this, after having sent them a last letter explaining the legal obligation to fill out a census form.

The Statistics Act states that a person who refuses to complete the census questionnaire can be fined up to $ 500.

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