Saturday, July 24

Iran’s water shortage: deadly tensions in Khuzestan

The province of Khuzestan, in the southwest of Iran is the scene of demonstrations in several cities because of the lack of water. The region which shelters the principal Iranian oil fields, is struck since the end of March by a severe drought. .

The protests have been going on for several days. The tension is high with the police.

During the riots on Tuesday evening in Talaqani (a district of the port city of Mahshahr, Editor’s note), officers (…) were shot from a roof“, said Fereydoun Bandari, acting governor of the county, quoted by the official agency Irna. A policeman was killed and another wounded in the leg, he added. A” young person “was also killed by “rioters” and 14 police officers injured in Izeh, in the same province, according to the Fars news agency citing the local governor, Hassan Nobovati.

A protester was killed in Chadégan, during rallies Friday in this town 70 km west of Mahshahr, shot by “opportunists and rioters,” Irna reported on Saturday.

The “courageous people” of Khuzestan, a province devastated by the war between Iran and Iraq (1980-1988), “want water, that’s all,” the reformist newspaper Arman-e wrote on Tuesday. Melli.

Khuzestan is home to a large Arab minority. The population regularly complains of being left behind by the authorities. The province had been one of the hot spots of the wave of protest – violently repressed – against power in November 2019.

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