Thursday, June 17

Green Party leader Annamie Paul survives impeachment attempt

Green Party leader Annamie Paul survived another day of internal strife after an impeachment attempt changed course, leaving her with a tenuous grip on power ahead of a likely federal election this year.

Ms Paul attended an emergency party leadership meeting on Tuesday evening to deal with a motion of no confidence from leaders, who sought to oust him through a lengthy process that would have resulted in a vote among members.

Instead, the tense virtual rally spelled out a different motion that calls on Chief and Green MP Paul Manly to draft a joint statement in which Ms Paul will repudiate past remarks from a former councilor and reiterate her support for the caucus.

Ms Paul’s spokesperson Rosie Emery has confirmed that if these actions are not taken, a vote of no confidence in the chef will take place on July 20.

The Green Caucus, which includes the former leader Elizabeth May, is now reduced to two after MK Jenica Atwin joined the Liberals last week, citing internal clashes over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as the main reason for her decision.

Lia Renaud resigned as a member of the Federal Council on Tuesday evening, telling The Canadian Press that she “could not in good conscience continue” to support Ms Paul, but that she still supported Ms May and Mr Manly.

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